Our Motivated Team

Hamish L Fraser

Ohio State University, USA

Jean-Loup Strudel

Mines Paris Tech, France

Somnath Ghosh

Johns Hopkins University, USA

J. Wayne Jones

University of Michigan, USA

About Events

ADMAT 2019 Mat Def strives to discuss and brainstorm the current and futuristic trends in materials technologies for defence applications. The conference is aimed at creating a synergetic collaboration between R&D, Industries and Academia to identify and develop a family of affordable, competitive, reliable and high-performance materials systems and process technologies which are relevant for defence applications.

Materials technologies are most important in strategic systems and serves as a backbone for any futuristic development. In view of these the idea of initiating a conference series ADMAT has been conceived to promote scientific interactions among research laboratories, industries and academia to accelerate and advance the development of materials for strategic need.

The conference is of relevance to basic and applied researchers, academicians, design engineers, material developers especially those who are engaged in the research and development of materials for applications in various defence systems. The event is expected to have participation of experts from around the world and offers a wonderful opportunity to network with peers and leaders in the domain.