Senior Materials Research Engineer

Dr. Adam Pilchak is a senior research materials engineer in the Metals Branch in the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Materials and Manufacturing Directorate where he performs basic and applied research both in house and in collobration with external partners in the aerospace supply chain. He has broad research interests that include quantitative characterization of microstructure and its application to understanding and modeling processing-structure-property relationships in existing and emerging aerospace alloy systems. Dr. Pilchak is internationally recognized for his work on the dwell fatigue response of titanium alloys that includes processing, development of destructive and nondestructive characterization methods, failure analysis, microstructure-informed risk analysis, and probabilistic fatigue lifetime prediction. In addition to his research, Dr. Pilchak also highly values transition of research to industry and serves as Technical Monitor for Metals Affordability Initative Programs valued at $20M and as Program Manager for the AF “Spin for Life” Program valued at $8M assessing state of the art microstructure-based models for dwell fatigue at TRL6 via component spin pit testing.

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