Mines Paris Tech, France

Area of expertise:
– Electron microscopy 
– Microstructure 
– Metal alloys

Civil Engineer, EMP (1962), Master of Science (Berkeley University of California, 1963), Ph.D. (Berkeley, 1966)

Teaching: transmission electron microscopy, phase transformations, dislocations, plasticity

Research: hot plasticity, nickel-based superalloys, single crystals, stainless steels, laser shock, damage, creep

Activities outside Ecole des Mines de Paris: professor at INSTN (Orsay, since 1976), professor at CACEMI (since 1973), scientific advisor at Bell laboratories (USA, 1977)

Distinctions: Member of the French Society of Electron Microscopy, of the French Society of Metallurgy and Materials (Réaumur Medal 1994), of the French Society of Physics

Main works: 
STRUDEL JL, CAHN RW, HAASEN P. Mechanical Properties of Multiphase Alloys Physical Metallurgy, 3rd edition, North Holland, 1996

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