Jon Tirpak began his career as a lieutenant in the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate in the early 1980’s, where he studied fatigue and fracture properties of aluminum casting alloys and conducted structural failure analysis on various platforms. Tirpak now works as the Senior Program Manager for the Advanced Technology Institute Advanced Materials Division.

Mr. Tirpak earned his BS in Metallurgical Engineering at Lafayette College in Easton, PA and his MS in Materials Engineering at the University of Dayton in Dayton, OH. He was commissioned by the US Air Force in 1982 as a 2nd Lieutenant, and researched the fatigue and fracture of cast aluminum alloys for airframes and performed failure analyses on various aerospace systems while assigned to the Air Force Materials Laboratory. His second tour within the Ballistic Missile Office involved integrating the Air Force’s nuclear testing requirements which involved myriad materials and systems ultimately tested beneath the ground at the Nevada Test Site. In 1988, he departed the Air Force as a Captain, trading his blue uniform for green hiking togs to hike the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. After completing the trail and traveling extensively through Europe and the States, he resumed his materials engineering career with a position at Universal Technology Corporation in Dayton, OH and then to Aeroquip Corporation in Ann Arbor, MI. Ultimately, he landed in Charleston, SC with SCRA Applied R&D managing programs and developing new business for the company. Jon is a licensed metallurgical engineer in South Carolina and Fellow and past trustee of ASM International. Mr. Tirpak has chaired the New Products and Services Committee and the Federal Affairs Committee. He has served on many other communities and supported strategic planning for the Society. Presently he serves on President, ATI Technologies Inc and Executive Director, FDMC.