After taking over as Director at DMSRDE, Dr. Prasad made some very significant and innovative changes and thus provided several new directions for Research, Technology and Product Development in the broad areas of Non-Metallic and Functional Materials, viz.: (i) Polymer Science and Technologies, (ii) Technical Textiles, (iii) Fibre Science and Production Technologies, (iv) Camouflage and Stealth Materials and Technologies, (v) Nanostructured Materials and Composites, (vi) High Temperature, High Viscosity Fuels and Lubricants and (vii) Personal Protection Systems. He led with distinction the Design, Development and Fabrication of modular structures and their successful Qualification for the most challenging personal protection system, namely the BPJs for the Indian Army’s GSQR-1438. Under his direction, DMSRDE has progressed from a mere 4 Crore project outlay to 120 Crores within 18 months, and with 8 sanctioned projects, 95 identified products for realization, 14 new research areas to pursue, and more than 10 task activities as precursors for new projects. Based on these outstanding contributions, DRDO has awarded DMSRDE the prestigious Titanium Trophy by adjudging DMSRDE as the best S&T Laboratory of DRDO for the year 2016.

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