Dept MME, IITKgp

Prof. Rahul Mitra’s research has involved processing of metallic, ceramic and intermetallic matrix composites by innovative routes, and fundamental studies on their structure-property relations with emphasis on mechanical behavior. During the last ten years, his major contribution is in developing heatresistant materials for applications in aerospace and automotive sectors to achieve operating temperatures greater than that of Ni-based superalloys (i.e. >1100C). The materials investigated include multiphase alloys based on molybdenum silicides, titanium silicides, and niobium silicides as well as zirconium and hafnium diboride based composites with emphasis on microstructural evolution, mechanical property evaluation, and high temperature oxidation behavior. In addition, he has pioneered development of mushy state (semi-solid) rolling process to tailor microstructural refinement, enhanced age-hardening kinetics as well as desirable mechanical and tribological properties in cast in-situ metal matrix composites.
Significant research has also been carried out on processing and structure-property correlation of reactively sputtered in-situ nanocomposite thin films. Furthermore, collaborative research through PhD work of sponsored students has been carried out on fracture and wear behavior of carbon-carbon composites, processing and structure-property relations of silica foams. Prof. R. Mitra has worked on sponsored projects worth about 1.7 crores as the Principal Investigator. Moreover, he has supervised/ co-supervised 15 Ph.D. theses to completion during his stay at IIT Kharagpur (Sept. 2002 to present), and is presently guiding 11 PhD students as Supervisor, and another 5 as Joint-Supervisor.

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