Research Engineer
The Manufacturing Technology Centre, UK

Dr. Marimuthu specialises in laser/materials interaction and theoretical modelling of thermal interaction and fluid flow. Dr Marimuthu’s PhD concerned development of a supersonic nozzle assembly that, for the first time, allowed 60 mm thick mild steel to be cut using a small and controllable 900 W CO2 laser. Sundar undertook post doctorial research on innovative laser processing of materials including laser cleaning and micro-machining of metals, ceramics and composites using short and ultra-short pulsed UV laser. At present Sundar is working as a lecturer in laser processing within the Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Loughborough University.  His research work focus predominantly on experimentation and theoretical modelling of laser material processing. Sundar has published 27 journal papers, 20 conference papers and two book chapters in laser processing and is co-inventor of patented laser cleaning technology. 

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